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Working closely with private GP surgeries and teams Aero Medical Ambulance Service is able to offer a full health solution.

This allows patients to be given the time and care they deserve from central resources. This allows a service of personal, unhurried care service with modern equipment, offering high consistent medical care to you and your family.

We take pride that our extended services continue to offer a caring, sensitive, supportive, warm and friendly team ensuring that you get the medical care and support you deserve.

Communication is essential with all of our services and we ensure that patients are informed about all aspects of their care in respect of all medical matters, arrangements for follow up or referral.

The GP team offer an optimal out-of-hours, private home visiting General Practice service mainly through the night and weekends, to the North London area.

The out-of-hours team will visit the patient at their home in order to minimise unnecessary discomfort and inconvenience.

Women's Health

Some diseases are more common among women or affect them in a different way from men. Others affect women only. These diseases include: Anemia, Breast cancer, Cervical cancer, Ovarian cancer, Vulval cancer, Womb cancer, Endometriosis, Pelvic inflammatory disease, Fibroids, Heart disease, Osteoporosis and PCOS.

We can also perform cervical smear tests and check for Pelvic prolapse.

Men's Health

Common health issues affecting men, including testicular cancer, hair loss, colour blindness, male menopause, prostate problems, snoring, STD’s, impotence, stress and more...

Children's Health

Even children can have health problems. Some problems are serious and some are not so serious.

We advise on children’s development, children's healthy eating, common childhood problems as well as on vaccinations and parenting. We can also help with all kinds of health problems like eczema, asthma, muscular dystrophy, cancer and more.

From fever to chickenpox, as well as behavioural problems such as bed wetting and ADHD, we can offer plenty of advice on all kinds of illnesses to help you through.

If the patient’s needs go beyond the general practice consultations, then the appropriate referral to a specialist or consultant can be arranged. This also includes urgent referral to a private or NHS hospital should the need arise.

Where patients require an ambulance to transfer them Aero Medical Ambulance Service is the exclusive team to transport and provide continuity of care as our teams work closely together to provide quick and efficient admission to your designated care provider.

The usual General Practice Service offered includes:

* General Medical Advice: second opinion and "MOTs"

* Women's Heath: contraception, menopause and osteoporosis

* Men's Health: heart, cholesterol, prostate and sexual health

* Children's Health: childhood illnesses and developmental GP Assessment.

* Skin Problems: acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc.

* Further Customary General Practice: treatments and advice such as infections or acute and chronic illnesses, etc.

* Medicals Insurance: HGV licence, diving, racing, etc.

For GP Services call

+44 (0) 20 3651 5129

24 Hour service